Proposal #XXX

Cleaning Proposal Template

Services Agreement

General Provisions

::SenderCompany:: (the “Company”) agrees to provide to ::ClientCompany:: (the “Client”), all labor, supervision, materials and equipment necessary to assure the performance of the Company of the commercial cleaning services (the “Services”) for the Client.

The Services that the Company shall provide to the Client are as set out on Schedule “A” attached hereto.


The Company shall provide such Services to the Client for a period of ___________ [AMOUNT IN WORDS (___) [AMOUNT IN NUMERALS] months/years, with a commencement date of ________________ [START DATE], or at such other date as the Company and the Client in writing may agree.

The Client, at its sole option, has the right to renew or expand the scope of the Services to be provided.


The Company shall provide the Services to the Client ___________ [AMOUNT IN WORDS (___) [AMOUNT IN NUMERALS] times per week at the following days and times as set out below:

  • Monday –
  • Tuesday –
  • Wednesday –
  • Thursday –
  • Friday –
  • Saturday –
  • Sunday –

   or at such other times as the Company and the Client may agree to in writing.

The Company proposes to the Client that Services shall be payable monthly to the Company at the rate of ____________ [AMOUNT IN WORDS] dollars ($______) [AMOUNT IN NUMERALS] per hour/per week/per month.

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