Quote Roller + FreshBooks

We love cloud-based products and we love getting paid. Herego, we love Quote Roller’s integration with Freshbooks. We especially love how it is seriously responsive and mobile friendly — who wants to be stuck behind a desk doing accounting, when they could invoice on the fly, while working to grow their business?

So many of Quote Roller’s clients work on projects like web design, marketing and financial services which bill by the hour. Quote Roller’s flexible, customizable pricing table gives them the freedom to give their clients choices. Then, Freshbooks makes it easy to track time, log expenses, and create and send those invoices on the go.

Both apps were created from their founders looking to automate sales and invoicing to avoid mistakes. Freshbooks founder Mike and Quote Roller’s Mikita and Serge all witnessed market needs and worked to build apps to satisfy those needs, helping small businesses save time.

Quote Roller has a five-star rating in Freshbooks’ app store. Both Quote Roller and Freshbooks also integrate with Basecamp Classic, Highrise, Capsule CRM, PayPal, Gmail, Google Apps, and RightSIgnature, so you can perform all the stages of a deal from within the cloud. This is an app pairing that’s perfect for companies that have their sales force in the field or their teams working remotely.

You can sync contacts from Freshbooks into Quote Roller and send Quote Roller’s stellar proposals right from within Freshbooks. Then, you can easily convert an accepted proposal into a Freshbooks invoice.

Josh Zweig

We’re all about saving time – Quote Roller helps us get an awesome looking proposal out in minutes! 30 accepted proposals in 2 weeks! Delightful, no?

Josh Zweig, Founder, LiveCA