Our Mission

Who we are

Our mission is to help companies go paperless and close deals faster by eliminating paper while automating the lifecycle of contracts, sales proposals, and other documents from creation to completion.

We make people more productive, increase sales, and help the environment at the same time.

Since our humble beginings, we’ve focused on entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency. As we grow, we’re going to continue to focus on four key aspects: diversity, self-management, data, and simplicity.

Our employees come from all walks of life and are located throughout the world from our core team in San Francisco to South Carolina and Belarus.

Self Management
We place zero limits on creativity, this includes the ability for our team to determine their day to day tasks.

Data Driven
Every decision we make is driven by metrics. Teams are encouraged to pursue ambitious projects, so long as they can test their assumptions and experiment.

Simplicity the key to everything we do. Our products, internal processes, positioning, code, compensation are simple. We sincerely believe if it can’t be simplified, it shouldn’t be pursued.

What we are doing

We are helping the world go paperless, one company at a time and changing the way businesses send documents.

Our goals are:

Let’s achieve them together!

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