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Cover letter





Dear ::ClientPrimaryContactName::,

From a dream to a completed, functional building, a project must go through several stages requiring the expertise of a number of skilled specialists. We endeavor to balance imagination, creativity and  reliability, combining all the skills necessary to envision, design, plan and manage your project to get the results you want, on-time and on-budget.

::SenderCompany:: is an architect consultancy based in the —-area. We provide all kinds of services related to the planning and design of a building, including serving as supervisors and coordinators during the construction process to make sure your design and standards are executed sufficently and efficiently.

Given the opportunity to work on your project, ::SenderCompany:: will make sure we maintain the high standards we have set for ourselves with the personal touch in every project we undertake.

Please consider::SenderCompany:: for all your building, planning and designing needs. We shall provide you with the efficient, punctual and hassle-free planning and design services which have become a hallmark of::SenderCompany:: over the years.








Executive Summary

The problem

When you think about constructing or updating your home, office or any purposeful structure, it is essential to get expert advice on best utilizing the space you have. Not only does the building need to have a proper design that ensures smooth functionality, the aesthetic aspects of the building need to also suit your taste.

You need a building plan that conforms to local laws and standards, makes efficient use of available resources within your budget, and provides an ideal blend of functionality with beauty. Then arises the need for initiating the essential processes of construction, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, and expert supervision every step of the way to ensure efficient conformity to the original plan.

The opportunity

To build your dream structure, you need the services of an architect who not only specializes in professional matters but also understands your aesthetic sense.

Whether you want efficient use of space in the design of your new home or office, or you want the feel of nature brought indoors in your farmhouse, a professional architect with a design sense matching yours can prove to be the vital partner in making your dream come true. These same opportunities exist to turn the place you call home into your dream home, helping you save the costs of buying and moving to a new house, by adapting your current residency to your more recent needs.

The solution

An architect with a proven record of efficient handling of projects and a number of satisfied clients can be your best teammate in building or rebuilding a house, office or anything else. A consultant architect is involved at the very first stage of planning a building and ensures that the project achieves its intended outcome by supervising the entire process. The more closely you work with a consultant architect, the better he or she will be able to give concrete shape to your dream.

The proposal

::SenderCompany::has been working in the AREA for the past THIS MANY years. Dozens of satisfied customers in the area act as testament to our skills and professionalism. We can step in at the very first stage of planning, conducting several discussions to know what is in our clients’ mind and then come up with a plan that satisfies the client’s building and rebuilding needs.

Our services include feasibility reports, design and planning of buildings in accordance to the clients’ wishes and in conformity with the local laws and regulations, and assistance and guidance in matters of construction in order to deliver the project to the end.

We liaise closely with the construction managers and contractors to ensure coordination and conformity to the design plan and to solve any problems that may arise. Being in close contact with the construction industry enables us to advise the client on the choice of contractors and sub-contractors who have the ability and expertise to execute the approved design.

Why choose us

We offer reliable and efficient services, including award-winning designs of houses and functional buildings in this AREA. We remain with the client from the planning stage to the time they move in, ensuring every project receives a personal touch.

Our services include hiring and supervising an efficient team to see the project from the construction stage through to the finish. We have been extensively recommended by satisfied clients for delivering the best possible projects on-time and according to the clients’ budget.

Services and pricing


  • Preparing feasibility report
  • Planning and designing new buildings and open spaces
  • Renovating existing structures
  • Hiring construction managers, contractors and sub-contractors
  • Supervising the construction team and coordinating the process



This area will be automatically replaced with your pricing table that you create in Step 2 of your Proposal.

Terms and conditions

  1. The architect shall provide all services related to planning, building, and the execution of construction work in consultation with the client until the satisfactory completion of the project on the mutually agreed date.
  2. The architect shall prepare and share a feasibility report, initial plan and estimated cost of construction with the client within —- days of signing this agreement.
  3. After securing the client’s approval for the initial plans, the architect shall share the detailed design, specifications and features of the project.
  4. The architect shall conform to the laws and regulations governing the building and landscape design in the —- AREA and shall ensure that the same laws and regulations are followed during the construction stages.
  5. The client shall make sure that no other consultant is hired to work on the same project or part of the same project in any way that may produce conflict.

About us

The company

::SenderCompany::is a professional architect consultancy in business for THIS MANY years. Since starting this consultancy in YEAR, our team of architects and engineers has designed and rennovated houses, offices, multiple building structures like schools and art galleries.

Our most prominent project so far has been the children’s park at — area which won us an award for the best use of open and enclosed spaces in the year —-.

Our pool of expertise includes architecture, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, and landscape design.

The team


Contact us

Getting started

When you give us a call, our representative will meet you for a detailed discussion of your preferences and choices for the building you have in mind.

This will be the start of a series of discussions along the same lines, which will continue as the architect prepares a design plan exclusively tailored to your requirements and taste.





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