Proposal #XXX

Business Plan Template

Executive Summary


This is where you succinctly sell your company. Like your two-minute elevator pitch, this is the one to two pages where you engage the reader and potential investor.

What sector are you in?
What products/services do you provide?
Who is your target audience?
What does the future of your industry look like?
How is your company scaleable? What are the next steps?
Who are the owners of your company? Backgrounds? Experience in sector/business?
What motivated you to start your company?
Why now?

When it comes down to it, the team matters just as much as the product or service, if not more so. Investors want to know your motivation and dedication to your product. This is where you put it.

Next, summarize The Ask:
How much money are you asking for?
How are you going to use that money?
How it will make your business profitable? (Which essentially gets into how and when you will pay it back)

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