Proposal #XXX

Construction Equipment Lease Proposal Template

Cover Letter

Dear ::ClientPrimaryContactName::,

At ::SenderCompany::, Construction Equipment Leasing is ALL WE DO!

Lease your Construction Equipment with confidence , we will provide what you need, when you need it, all the time. Our 24/7 hotline provides you with wide ranging solutions for all Construction Equipment situations you might encounter.

We backed up our commitment with a 4 point guarantee! They are:

  • Client Satisfaction – we only supply world class equipment, serviced and ready for work on delivery.
  • Dependable Delivery – Construction equipment will arrive at your jobsite in prime condition within 30 minutes of the agreed delivery time.
  • On Site Service – Our repair crew or replacement equipment will arrive at your site within six hours of call.
  • Customer Service Hotline – We have knowledgeable staff on call 24/7, to solve all your equipment queries and concerns within the day.

Leave all your equipment worries with us. Use your capital where it matters, not on equipments.

Attached is a list of our satisfied clients for your reference.



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