Proposal #XXX

Professional Writing Proposal Template

Cover Letter





Dear ::ClientPrimaryContactName::,

Well written and clear communication is the key to promote any idea, service or product in the modern business environment. Contemporary businesses use written language as a tool for the promotion and recognition of their capabilities. Hiring the services of experienced professional writers working for ::SenderCompany::, is a move that can bring about instant returns on your investment.

We have been serving clients in the RELEVANT SECTOR for the past ---- years with an excellent response. Our professional services not only take away your burden of rewriting and revising drafts of important documents, we also assist you in positioning and strategizing your offers through effective use of language.

Your company is an established name in the field of -----. By hiring our experienced team of professional writers, you can be sure of having acquired valuable partners in your growth and high performance.

Please consider our offer by going through the attached proposal. We hope to be of service to your prestigious company very soon,







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