Proposal #XXX

E-Commerce (Magento) Web Design Proposal Template



::SenderCompany:: will develop a custom e-commerce website for ::ClientCompany::

About Us

::SenderCompany:: is a contemporary Website design and development company with a focus on user-centered design while helping our clients achieve the desired result.

Our strategy for achieving the desired result can be broken into four parts:

1. Website Design and Development: First, we'll develop the client's website by conducting a research into the client's industry and target market with the aim of understanding what works and determining how it can it be applied in meeting the client's needs. We then develop the website based on our client's requirements, our understanding of the industry and our evaluation of the target customer's modus operandi.

2. Search Engine Optimization: Upon successful design and development of the website, we'll move to the next stage which involves promoting the website by employing search engine optimization tactics, with a large focus on content marketing, considering Google's "status quo".

3. Results Measurement: With the attainment of Google's first page on popular keywords relevant to the client's product or services and an exponential growth in traffic, we'll then move on to the third stage which involves measuring the website's performance by using Google analytics, heat maps and other efficient website monitoring tools. We generally measure bounce rates, website traffic, website's visitors' geographical location, and most importantly, conversion rate.

4. Fine Tuning: Upon results measurements, we'll then fine tune the website in order to improve results. We determine what to fine tune by analyzing data obtained from the previous stage. Fine tuning can range from changing the order of the website's menu items to changing font sizes.

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