Proposal #XXX

Graphic Design Proposal Template

Project Overview

Project Background and Creative Goals

Based on our understanding of your needs, we will create ________________________________________ (design project name and/or brief description).  We have discerned the following key facts about this design project:

Project Goals

<Clarify what the client hopes to achieve and outline their objectives>

Target Audience(s)

<Identify who will be using the finished product. Include demographic details - age, industry sector, etc. - along with other relevant considerations.>

Key Milestones

Any successful design project requires careful management and adherence to strict due dates by our team and yours to achieve agreed-upon milestones.  We will formalize a schedule after completion of Phase I: Research, as outlined in the section above, to include the following key milestones:

  • Conduct research to support creative development (::SenderCompany::)
  • Deliver first draft of creative brief (::SenderCompany::)
  • Provide feedback on creative brief (::ClientCompany::)
  • Provide final creative brief (::SenderCompany::)
  • Assign job to designers (::SenderCompany::)
  • Present comparative design approaches for review (::SenderCompany::)
  • Provide feedback on designs and determine direction (::ClientCompany::)
  • Provide final designs for approval (::SenderCompany::)
  • Approve final designs (::ClientCompany::)
  • Deliver final designs for production (::SenderCompany::)
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