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Services Proposal Letter

Proposal for Staffing Services

Dear ::ClientPrimaryContactName::,

The challenges to cope with the advances of technology and the ever-growing demands of the markets are some of the major concerns of businesses. Complexities of running the daily operations, managing the cash flow, providing excellent products and services, hitting the sales revenues – these impact the business cycle and more importantly, the capacity of the organization to get ahead of the competition while maintaining customer satisfaction and increasing their revenues.

The fundamental blocks of building and running a stable business will not be complete without a competent and dependable workforce.

At ::SenderCompany::, we believe that people are the best asset in any company, regardless of the business size, industry and market share. We provide the best professionals, backed with solid years of expertise, experience and knowledge, who can integrate solutions for your business needs.

We assure you that we can provide the best match for your staffing requirements. You may get in touch with our team in the numbers indicated below to know more of what we can offer.

Thank you very much for your time.



About Us

Skills. Expertise. Excellence.

These make our company unique. We at ::SenderCompany::, believe that every employee is a valuable asset. Providing businesses with the workforce with a multitude of skills and experience, our company has been able to respond to the staffing needs of businesses in various industries, ranging from small and medium enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations.

No matter how simple or complex the requirement may be, we can provide the best match whom can provide the services you need.

Based in ::SenderCompanyCity::::SenderCompanyRegion::, we proudly serve companies state-wide and across the entire nation.

Company Profile

Company Details & Contact Information

Company Name: ::SenderCompany::

Head Office Address: ::SenderCompanyAddress::

Email Address: ::SenderEmail::

Website: ::SenderWebsite::

Telephone Numbers: ::SenderCompanyPhone::


1. Name: ::SenderName::

Contact Information: ::SenderPhone::

2. Name: ::SenderName::

Contact Information: ::SenderPhone::

3. Name: ::SenderName::

Contact Information: ::SenderPhone::

Pricing Estimate

Package Cost for Manpower Services

This cost estimate covers the base salary, benefit packages, employee retirement package, pension plans, tax information, promotion rate/growth, and other relevant information:

Detailed Estimate

This area will be automatically replaced with your pricing table that you create in Step 2 of your Proposal.

Standard Terms & Agreement


This Manpower Services Agreement is made and entered into as of (Date) by and between:

::ClientCompany::, hereinafter referred to as the “CLIENT” and ::SenderCompany::, hereinafter referred to as the “CONTRACTOR”;


WHEREAS, the CLIENT requires the services for a duly licensed and qualified manpower placement/agency services to process and complete his/her personnel/staffing requirements;

WHEREAS, the CONTRACTOR represents that it has the required professional skills/certifications and financial capacity to provide services to the Client;

NOW THEREFORE, the parties bind and agree to the following terms below:


  1. The CLIENT agrees to disclose the pertinent details of their job vacancy/staffing requirements, including the scope of work, job description, required head count, project assignment, compensation package and benefits, regularization, work schedule, applicable bonds, and tenure.
  2. Upon careful examination of the documents and assessment, the Contractor should verify the CLIENT’s requirement list and submit a Job Order form/contract to facilitate the personnel requisition.


  1. The CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for the pooling of possible candidates for the Client’s requirement.
  2. The CONTRACTOR shall conduct an initial examination/interview to shortlist the candidates. After the initial screening, the CONTRACTOR shall submit the shortlisted candidates to the CLIENT accompanied with an overview of the individual’s skills and prior experience.
  3. The CONTRACTOR will be given up to thirty (30) to a maximum of sixty (60) days to provide the CLIENT with the list of candidates. If the requirement is urgent (needed less than thirty days), the CLIENT will pay the additional rate of the total contract price (10% of the professional fee) to facilitate his/her request.
  4. The CLIENT will conduct the second and final interviews depending on their standard hiring process. It is the CLIENT’s discretion to which candidate they will award the position to.
  5. The CLIENT will inform the CONTRACTOR of their preferred candidate. The CONTRACTOR may notify the preferred candidate regarding the Job Offer through writing (email) or phone call. In such cases that the CLIENT prefers to give the Job Offer, he/she should inform the CONTRACTOR in writing and provide a copy of the offer for the CONTRACTOR’s reference.


  1. The CLIENT agrees to pay the CONTRACTOR of professional and other applicable fees stated in the pricing contract. A down payment or 30% of the total contract price will be paid to the CONTRACTOR and will form part of the full payment once the job offer is signed and accepted by the preferred candidate.
  2. The down payment or 30% of the total contract price will be non-refundable upon signing this contract. For rush assignments, the down payment of 15% of the total contract price is required upon confirmation of the contract.
  3. Should the CONTRACTOR fail to meet the CLIENT’s standards, he/she/they will be given prior notice five (5) business days before the deadline set in the agreement. In the case of non-compliance, the CONTRACTOR shall refund the down payment (15% for rush assignments or 30% for standard rates, whichever is applicable) of the total contract price to the CLIENT.
  4. The CLIENT can withdraw the application/personnel requisition within ten (10) working days upon signing the contract. Should the CLIENT choose to cancel the job order/personnel requisition from the CONTRACTOR beyond the given period, the down payment or 30% of the contract price will be forfeited in favor of the CONTRACTOR. In the case of rush assignments, the CLIENT cannot withdraw the request/agreement and the down payment or 15% of the total contract price will be forfeited.
  5. Should the CLIENT fail to pay the CONTRACTOR within thirty (30) working days upon the delivery of his/her requirements, the CLIENT will pay an additional fee or equivalent to 1% of the total contract price for penalty charges.

Whereas, both parties agree to execute this agreement by affixing their signatures in the spaces below:

_____________________________               _____________________________

(::ClientPrimaryContactName::)                               (::SenderCompany::)



_____________________________       ________________________________

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