Lease Proposal Template

Executive Summary

The Objective

::ClientCompanyName:: requires a new commercial space in order to establish/expand upon current business capabilities, visibility, space and a fastidious commercial outlet for visibility and customer generation by way of a change/establishment of location. This will allow ::ClientCompanyName:: to effectively position itself to both be visible and operationally efficient into the future.

The Goals

::ClientCompanyName:: is a start-up/small/large business that now requires a new commercial operations facility as it is now at a stage of commencement/growth. The property found will need to be cost effective as well as sufficient for the needs of the business.

The goals of ::SenderCompany:: are:

  • To provide a professional service to find a commercial property that fulfills all the needs of the Client.
  • Organize for lease the perfect property taking into consideration the budget and specification of the client.

The client specifications are:

  • An overall purchase budget of $____________
  • An area with a high footfall
  • A prominent zoning area where a maximum visibility can be reached
  • An office area of ____x____
  • Kitchen
  • Production area
  • etc

The Solution

::SenderCompanyName:: specializes in the sourcing on behalf of the client specific commercial properties for use to the client’s specifications. In keeping with this ::SenderCompanyName:: has opted to put forward for the Client’s consideration the following property.

Commercial Property Name Or Code1 (CPNOC1):

  • CPNOC1 is taking offers around $______
  • It features ____x____ of operational office space
  • The area is located in _____ a prominent retail park/
  • The property also features a fully functioning Kitchen, Production line, etc.
  • Any other important feature unique to the business.

Contract and Terms


This area will be automatically replaced with your pricing table that you create in Step 2 of your Proposal.

Minimum Term of Lease

24 Calendar Months commencing on the first of the month following signed acceptance of the terms of this contract. Current rates are disclosed in advance with insurance and rates to be paid on the following dates.

  1. Date1 – rate pertaining to that date
  2. Date2 – rate pertaining to that date
  3. Date3 – rate pertaining to that date

Cancellation and Penalties

The Client is to be liable for early termination of the contract. Subject legally to each month owing including a penalty of $______ as outlined in the commercial contract.

Late payment fees may be assessed on an account that the due date of 30 days.


The cancellation/penalties aspect of this proposal serves to site the advertised cost. Costs and other fees listed apart from broker costs are subject to the final contract provided separately to this document which is for use to better inform the client and not a representation of cost on behalf of another entity.

To get started, simply review and accept this proposal online or print its PDF version, sign it, scan signed document and send to ::SenderEmail::


Agent’s Endorsement

Upon analyzing the goals as discussed and set out by ::ClientCompanyName::, I believe that this property offers the perfect solution as there are a range of important perceived benefits that would place this property in good stead listed as follows:

  1. The property is well within budget at $______ which would allow for extra spend on any necessary fixtures and fittings. Or to be rebudgeted into other areas of the business.
  2. With a positioning __________________________ the property is located in an area with a high footfall allowing for accrued business primarily based on location.
  3. An added bonus to the location is the position of visibility in a community renowned and prestigeous area adding to the overall goodwill of the business.
  4. The office features a brand new kitchen fully fitted to the benefit and comforts of customers and/or clients.
  5. There is sufficient floorspace of ____. The overal operating space is of benefit considering the nature of the business and the importance of such space as per previous discussions.
  6. Security is included in the rental agreement which would ease the burden off sourcing and accommodating the cost of this essential.

Sincerely yours,

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