Proposal #XXX

Marketing Recap Proposal Template



Our corporation, ::SenderCompany::, continues to foster dynamic marketing campaigns through event and entertainment venues. In fact, we recently expanded our array of event and experiential marketing services, to augment marketing to sales conversions. Of our many target venues,<Event name> remains a feature event, as we host <Event name> and manage vendor marketing opportunities associated with the popular event. We are pleased ::ClientCompany:: was able to take advantage of our marketing services at last year’s <Event name> event, and would like to customize a marketing package to surpass last year's exceptional results.


Last year’s annual <Event name> exceeded expectations. The <Event name> exemplified successful marketing, and emphasized consumer outreach, engagement, and interaction. Event Smash estimates that over ____ event attendees received one or more ::ClientCompany:: customized promotional items, during the four day event. Furthermore, the designated promotional staff spoke with and gathered data from an estimated one out of five event attendees.

Online and virtual mediums also played a significant role in last year’s marketing campaign. The <Event name> website, prior and in anticipation to <Event name> kick-off, received nearly two times the number of site registrations as event attendees and about _____ additional registrants, post event. Over ______ post-event registrants entered a catch phrase from Pacific Blue signage tailored for Jam Fest, which supports that signage was well designed, positioned, and highly visible.

In addition, our specialized tracking and analytic applications show that three out of five <Event name> site visitors navigated to the ::ClientCompany:: site during or directly after visiting any <Event name> web page. ____ of registrants had opted-in to receive information about ::ClientCompany:: products, and ____ had subscribed to the ::ClientCompany:: newsletter. Also impressive, one out of three <Event name> visitors clicked on a premium ad for ::ClientCompany:: products—___ percent converted to a direct product sale.

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