Pest Control Proposal Template



::SenderCompany:: is a professional licensed pest control corporation that has been serving the (insert city/county here) area for over (number of) years. We are dedicated to serving you and to meeting your pest control needs in the most cost efficient and effective way possible.

Why Choose Us?

::SenderCompany:: offers a full range of environmentally friendly pest control services performed by certified professionals and in accordance with state approved pesticide guidelines.  Our licensed technicians are friendly, helpful and efficient.



::SenderCompany:: offers a range of pest removal services that covers cockroach infestations, indoor ant colonies, termite swarms including winged migrations, bee wasp nests that might be indoors or in walls, flies and etc.


A thorough building or area inspection will be conducted by one of our licensed exterminators in order to determine the type and extent of pest infestation.  The exterminator will then discuss options in relation to the pest infestation in order to determine the most efficient method within the client’s budget.

Pest Removal

After inspection of infested area the licensed exterminator will meet with the client in order to discuss options for extermination. The pest removal process will be conducted in accordance with local and national pesticide laws and regulations according to the EPA.

Pest removal will utilize all available methods of pest control using the safest options first. These include structural maintenance, sanitation, pest monitoring, mechanical/biological control and the careful use of pesticides within a controlled environment.

Types of Infestations


Our pest removal programs are priced by the type and extent of infestation as well as the type of pest removal products required for pest removal.


Cockroaches are a quickly reproducing; virus and bacteria carrying insect that survive in damp conditions with a food source and shelter. Cockroach infestations are labeled as light, medium and heavy with light being 3-5 cockroaches observed in an area during inspection, medium being 6-10 cockroaches and heavy being 10 + cockroaches observed.


Cockroach control will consist of the use of bait products (insert name), (insert name) and (insert name) along with glue boards for pest capture and monitoring.


Cockroach control of this level indicates that you have a cockroach problem but it is not yet severe.  The infested area will be inspected and a crack and joint treatment will be done using (insert chemical name) or (insert chemical name). Glue boards and bait including pesticide bait will be placed to remove infestation. This type of infestation requires a weekly inspection for six weeks with bait and glue boards being replaced as necessary.


A heavy cockroach infestation is of a serious nature and will be dealt with intensively. Crack and joint treatment will be conducted using (insert chemical name), (insert chemical name) or (insert dust name) dust which will also be applied to wall, ceiling and floor.

It is recommended that any treated areas inside walls/ceiling or floor be patched, plugged or filled immediately after pesticide use in order to prevent re-infestation.  Cockroach levels will be monitored weekly and a re-application may be required at 6 weeks.

Ants & Termites

Ants and termites can usually be prevented by simply filling cracks, joints and seams that they would use to enter a building. In the case that the arthropod infestation has already set into a home pesticides and insect removal methods will be used.

During inspection the exterminator will identify the species of arthropod and recomend a plan to remove them in the most efficient manner possible.  Nests will be located and bait stations will be placed using pesticides (insert name) and (insert name).  For heavy infestations, (insert name) or (insert name) dust may be used around baseboards, infested area’s, nests and inside walls.

Outside ant colonies may be exterminated using bait or pesticide such as (insert name) or (insert name).

Occasional Invaders

Occasional invaders include bees, wasps, flies, drain flies, fungus gnats, earwigs, spiders, sow bugs and centipedes. These pests are commonly not found in large numbers; however, can sometimes take up residence within walls, in drains or near food sources and can cause problems.

Stinging and biting insects will be treated using spray pesticides (insert name) or (insert name) or in the case of a heavy infestation a dust such as (insert name) will be used on the nest location.

Pesticides & Pricing

Certified Exterminators

(Exterminator Name)                           (Exterminator License)
(Exterminator Name)                           (Exterminator License)
(Exterminator Name)                           (Exterminator License)
(Exterminator Name)                           (Exterminator License)


This area will be automatically replaced with your pricing table that you create in Step 2 of your Proposal.


Our pesticides are biologically freindly and in accordance with EPA pesticide control regulations.

(See EPA.GOV for more info)


a. (insert name) b. (insert name) c. (insert name) d. (insert name)

Crack & Crevice Sprays

a. (insert name) b. (insert name) c. (insert name) d. (insert name)

Flushing Agents

a. (insert name) b. (insert name) c. (insert name)


a. (insert name) b. (insert name) c. (insert name) d. (insert name)

Spot Treatments

a. (insert name) b. (insert name)

Sprays & Fogs

a. (insert name) b. (insert name) c. (insert name) d. (insert name)


a. (insert name) b. (insert name) c. (insert name)


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