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Cover letter

Dear ::ClientPrimaryContactName::,

In every step of the process, you want your company to look its best. That means you need an excellent public relations consultancy ready to help you do just that. As a growing business, your progress and achievements are remarkable in the RELEVANT sector. With such growth come issues of public image and reputation, and we want to help you maintain both.

We are a stand-out Public Relations firm, working in AREA for the last THIS MANY years. Our team has extensive experience in handling all kinds of media including print, design, image consultation, websites and social media. In addition, we specialize in managing special media events like news conferences. Our longstanding contacts in print, electronic and digital media are our strongest assets.

If you allow us to manage the public image of your growing business, our dedication and hard work will make your Public Relations worries a thing of the past. By hiring our team of professional PR strategists and media coordinators, you can safely concentrate on your work and performance.

Our recent media event ----------------- held on -------- at THIS LOCATION is a perfect example of our efficient and expert management of tasks. The event attracted media people from up to ---- leading media houses, received ----- minutes of airtime and ----- inches of prominent print space in leading media like ------------.

We hope to enter into a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with your company. In this regard, may I request you give us a little time IN THE COMING WEEK so we can learn more about your business’s specific needs and we can see how our services can adapt to be the greatest benefit your business? Hoping to hear a positive reply soon,







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