Solar Panel Installation Proposal Template

Industry Background

Solar Powered Video Systems

The world is constantly looking for alternative energy sources mainly due to two reasons:

  • Oil prices are constantly on the rise and
  • Oil is not an infinite resource.

Aside from those two reasons, the world is also looking for renewable and sustainable sources of energy in order to protect and reduce the harm caused to the enviornment. As you may have already noticed, the deterioration of the environment is highly correlated to the production and usage of fossil-based fuels world wide.

As a matter of fact, the United Nations has created a new mechanism to encourage the utilization and development of renewable energy resources like solar panel technology, whether in small-scale, commercial or industrial scale. This strategy that the UN created is called the carbon credit market through the Kyoto Protocol.

Aside from the UN’s credit, the solar power industry provides many great energy opportunities. According to researchers, the Earth absorbs a total of 3.8-million exajoules of solar energy on a yearly basis. This fact alone tells a lot about the great potential of solar energy on a wide spread basis.

Given all of the above information, it just makes sense for the world to invest in solar energy technologies.

Project Overview


::SenderCompany:: proposes to install arrays of solar panels in (LOCATION) to produce a total of (megawatt capacity) of electricity for the consumption of the immediate and adjacent communities.

The project will require at least 2 hectares of land for every 1 MegaWatt (if the land quality is a contiguous flat area). The number of solar panel modules will depend on the quality or type of the photovoltaic device.

The other aspects that are essential to the installation of the solar panels include the following:

Substation There might be a need to construct a new and separate power substation if it is much cheaper compared to the cost when the proponent has to connect to the grid.
Transmission line The cost for the construction of the transmission line is usually shouldered by the National Grid Authority of the country. However, there are some cases wherein the proponent needs to construct as a Private-Public Partnership (PP) Project in order to make the project move faster.
Road construction (right of way) Road construction is vital for the installation of the solar panels, most especially if the project site is remote.
Relocation If applicable
Environmental and social impact assessment There must be some coordination with the concerned agency of the government related to the assessment of the impact of the project to the environment and to the people in the community.

Proponent Overview


::SenderCompany:: has been in this business since YEAR. It has done a lot of related projects already including the following:

1. PREVIOUS PROJECT #1 (Brief background, year of project, location and capacity)
2. PREVIOUS PROJECT #2 (Brief background, year of project, location and capacity)
3. PREVIOUS PROJECT #3 (Brief background, year of project, location and capacity)

The company is also manned by more than (NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES) professional, technical and skilled personnel.

Through the years, the company has gained a lot of recognition from different institutions including the following:

1. RECOGNITION #1 (Title, year, awarded by what institution)
2. RECOGNITION #2 (Title, year, awarded by what institution)
3. RECOGNITION #3 (Title, year, awarded by what institution)

Site Overview and Details

Lay of the Land

According to the international standard, the minimum land requirement to produce 1 MW of solar power is two (2) hectares of flat land. The project is still viable in rolling terrain but this will require more hectares of land. The reason behind this is that if the area is rolling terrain, some spots there will be subject to shadows, which translates to weaker energy storage.

The following are the details of the proposed site for the installation of solar panels:

  • The site is located (North/East/West/South) of (Reference Area/Landmark). Based on the data provided by the GPS device during the initial survey, the site is exactly located at (insert exact coordinates).
  • The proposed site covers a total area of # hectares or # square meters. The initial land-capacity ration is #:1 (land area for every megawatt hour produced).
  • (Insert description of the area including soil quality, land use, zone, number of settlers whether formal or informal, and the like)

Project Description and Specifications

Project Overview

a. Capacity information

The project will be installing a total of (###,###) solar photovoltaic modules that is estimated to produce a total capacity of ### MW annually.

b. Site development plan

The proposed site needs several earth works as indicated in the feasibility study of the project. A little cutting and filling work might be necessary to assure the stability of the soil. A wired fencing is necessary to protect the solar panels from possible trespassing of human and animals.

c. Time frame / Development Program

The time frame for the works of the project is indicated as follows:












Building Permits
Other Regulatory Permits
Access Road
Land Development
Perimeter Fence
Power Center
Other Structures
Solar Panels Installation
Transmission Lines
Connection to Grid

To get started, simply review and accept this proposal or print its PDF version, sign it, scan signed document and send to ::SenderEmail::

(NOTE: Shade the area corresponding to the timeframe of your plan or program. You may also add additional columns for more years, if applicable and necessary

Commercial Terms and Conditions

Cost Breakdown

This area will be automatically replaced with your pricing table that you create in Step 2 of your Proposal.

The following are the proposed terms and conditions for the solar panel installation project in (LOCATION) with a total capacity of (CAPACITY).

Project Title ::ProjectName::
Capacity in MW
Site Location or Address Please fill up site location
Leased area Please fill up total area to be leased or bought
Lease rate / Land price

(whichever is applicable)

Rat can be based on land (US$/sqm) or per capacity (US$/MW produced)
Approved appraisal value of the land Please fill up
Advance Rental Payment Usually 2-month equivalent of the monthly  payment to the land
Security Deposit Usually 2-month equivalent of the monthly  payment to the land
Performance Bond % of development commitment
Other consideration Please fill up
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