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Solar Panel Installation Proposal Template

Industry Background

Solar Powered Video Systems

The world is constantly looking for alternative energy sources mainly due to two reasons: 1, Oil prices are constantly on the rise and 2, Oil is not an infinite resource. Aside from those two reasons, the world is also looking for renewable and sustainable sources of energy in order to protect and reduce the harm caused to the enviornment. As you may have already noticed, the deterioration of the environment is highly correlated to the production and usage of fossil-based fuels world wide.

As a matter of fact, the United Nations has created a new mechanism to encourage the utilization and development of renewable energy resources like solar panel technology, whether in small-scale, commercial or industrial scale. This strategy that the UN created is called the carbon credit market through the Kyoto Protocol.

Aside from the UN's credit, the solar power industry provides many great energy opportunities. According to researchers, the Earth absorbs a total of 3.8-million exajoules of solar energy on a yearly basis. This fact alone tells a lot about the great potential of solar energy on a wide spread basis.

Given all of the above information, it just makes sense for the world to invest in solar energy technologies.

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