Proposal #XXX

Sponsorship Proposal Template

Cover letter


Dear ::ClientPrimaryContactName:::

This is where you introduce the event. Talk about what or who it’s benefiting, when it happens, etc. (Also, you can include in your proposal a copy of the invitation, photos from previous events, the financial statistics from previous events, etc.).

This is where you say why it’s an important event to them. If it’s for a non-profit, talk about the good the organization achieves. If it’s for a more business-minded crowd, talk about the visibility their company will get sponsoring it and the networking if they attend.

Bulleted list of facts, numbers, about the event attendance.

We invite you to join (insert here names of other companies or big personas attending and/or sponsoring.) If there is a keynote speaker or something special about the event, mention it here.

Please respond if you are interested in this great opportunity for sponsorship by THIS DATE.

Please call ::SenderName:: at ::SenderPhone:: or email him at ::SenderEmail:: if you have any questions. Also, please visit our website at ::SenderWebsite::. 

Thank you for your consideration, 


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