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Sept. 22, 2023

Dr. S. Todd Townsend, Sr.,

Congratulations on having a website!  Now it's time to consider plans that can help your website stay virus-free, backed up, freshly updated , looking great, and more! 

Let's face it, maintaining a website can be a lot of work.  Most people have...

  • limited time to work on their website
  • limited resources to dedicate to their website
  • limited skill to make quality, professional updates for complex updates, and
  • little interest in managing their own website and prefer to focus on other things

Websites that aren't maintained regularly run the risk of:

  • stale and outdated information that deters repeat visitors
  • ugly webpages or pages that begin to lose their professional look over time
  • viruses or malware that can damage your website beyond repair
  • fewer visitors to the website and a decline in over stats

This is why we offer monthly website plans to for clients that would like to not worry about these concerns.  Second to making websites, managing them is what we do best!

Pick and choose as many or as few plans as you want.  You'll even find plans that offer e-mail marketing and social media management.  Click through this proposal to learn about the benefits, quality, and details of each plan.  "The Plans & Costs" page lists all our plans at-a-glance.

Our talented team is ready to serve you and our aim is to make you feel like you have your very own web team right down the hall.  We want to wow you with great customer service & quality work.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Yours truly,

June Wilson
Founder & Creative Director

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