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Affinity Live Integration with Quote Roller

Focus: The focus of this document is to provide you steps on how to integrate AffinityLive into your Quote Roller Account.

What does the integration do? This integration allows you to create Quote Roller Proposals inside of your AffinityLive Account.

Step 1: Login into Your Quote Roller Account.

Step 2: On the Upper right, click on Settings, then Integrations. Find “Affinity Live” and click on Enable to find information about this integration.

 Settings - Integrations -Affinity Live

Step 3: Integration Setup.
A. In order to perform the integration,  you will have to do a series of steps inside of your Affinity Live account. Here is a link that will help you out with this process.  Please note:  Quote Roller integration is available in the Plus and Premium tiers of AffinityLive, the FREE trial account does not have these options.

B. The first step in working with Quote Roller is to enable the integration in AffinityLive, which you can find on the Integrations screen.

 Affinity Live - User - Integartions
C. Next, find Quote Roller from the menu on the left, and hit “Connect.” This effectively enables AffinityLive to connect to Quote Roller once you have a sale/prospect/deal that you want to create a quote for.

 Affinity Live  - Enable Quote Roller

Congratulations, you are now integrated with Affinity Live and Quote Roller.

Note: when you sign up for Quote Roller, you will need to make sure that the email address you use to register, matches your email address against your user settings in AffinityLive. This is because the way we capture and link Quotes/Proposals is via automatic email capture, and the send email address for a quote needs to correspond with you or one of your AffinityLive actual users.

Step 4: Working With Quote Roller and AffinityLive
A. Quote Roller and AffinityLive work together in two ways:
a. AffinityLive creates a special link to Quote Roller from a prospect/sale in AffinityLive. This special link sets up the future sync connections, so it is important that you start your quote writing process from AffinityLive.
b. Quote Roller sends out emails to the client and other users, and AffinityLive captures a copy of these emails and indexes them, and the subsequent conversation against the prospect/sale. 

Step 5: Creating a Quote from Affinity Live:
A. Once you’ve activated Quote Roller in the Integrations page (see instructions above), you’re then able to create a Quote in Quote Roller when you view any prospect/sale in AffinityLive. Simply navigate to the page where you view the prospect/sale, and in the bottom right click on the “Add Quote” butto

Affinity Live - Add Quote

Have Questions, please feel free to contact us?
For faster support, please login into your Quote Roller account and click on the blue Help/Questions button found on the upper right of your account.

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