Capsule CRM Integration with Quote Roller

Focus: The focus of this document is to provide you steps on how to integrate Capsule into your Quote Roller Account.

What does the integration do? This integration allows you to sync your Capsule contacts into Quote Roller and able to create proposals inside of Capsule.

Step 1:
Login into Your Quote Roller Account.

Step 2: On the Upper right, click on Settings, then click on Integrations, find the Capsule integration and click on the enable button.

Settings - Integrations -Capsule

Step 3: Enter in your Capsule settings:

Capsule Settings
A. How to locate your Domain Name and authentication token:
a. Go to Http://  and login.
b. At the top right, you will see your name, click on that then click on “My Preferences”
c. On the right, you will see “API Authentication Token”.
i. Copy the Authentication Token and paste this into the Authentication token box in Quote Roller
d. For your Domain Name to enter into QR, after you login into your Capsule CRM, look at the top of the screen for the URL address. It should be some like:
i. Copy the domain address and paste into your Quote Roller account, for example:

B. After you have filled in the information, click SAVE.
C. If you have done this correctly you will receive this message, “Your Capsule CRM settings have been saved successfully.”

Step 4:  Capsule Settings and syncing clients from Capsule

Capsule Settings - Setup
A. Sync Contacts. When you are ready to Sync your Capsule CRM Contacts, click on the blue sync button. Quote Roller will process the request and you will receive an email, when this has been completed that will also include a “TXT” file of the sync request of the contacts.
B. Extra:  With this integration, you also have the ability to add your Dropbox email address from Capsule CRM into your Quote Roller account. For more information from Capsule CRM, login to your account, click Support and Enter in this phrase, “BCC your emails into Capsule CRM”.  For Quote Roller enter in the email address given by Capsule CRM  and paste the email address in your Quote Roller Account > My Settings > Profile > Email Settings Section >  CC or BCC email address fields.

Congratulations, you have successfully integrated your Capsule CRM Clients into Quote Roller!

Step 6: Re syncing and reviewing the last sync.

  1. If you ever need to re sync or obtain date/time of the last sync. This can be done under Clients > Import Contacts. You can also review the last sync date and time. This will be based of your time zone set in your account.

Clients - Import Contacts - Capsule

Step 7:  Viewing your Capsule Clients in Quote Roller.  Click On Clients. Any client that has the “Capsule” icon, came from Capsule.

Client Capsule

Step 8:  How to use Capsule CRM to create a link to “Create a Proposal in Quote Roller” Under Opportunities
A. First, we must link your Quote Roller account to a “Custom Field” in Capsule
B. On the upper right, click on the Gear Icon 
C. Under Custom Fields, click “For Opportunities”.
D. Click Add new
E. Label – Enter in text that tells you what this is used for. Example: create a proposal
F. Description – Enter in text that provides a description of the new field. Example: Create a proposal in Quote Roller
G. Link Definition – Here you will have to enter in this information.  Copy the following link and update the RED with your information.{name}&lastname={lastName}&email={email}&firstname={firstName}&organization={organizationName}
a. You will have to change the “RED” text to your Quote Roller domain. This can be found by going into Quote Roller > Click On “Settings” and you will see the domain name on the right.

H.. Once you have setup the above, you are ready to Create an opportunity in Capsule CRM and have it automatically populate to Quote Roller
a. Go into a contact that is associated with an organization
b, On the Upper right, click on “Actions” > Add an Opportunity
c. Give the Opportunity a name. Example: Quote Roller Proposal
d. Select a Milestone (as this is a required field)
e. Click Save.
f. Now under details on the right, you will have a link to Quote Roller, “Go to create a proposal in Quote Roller.
g. If you have not already logged into to your Quote Roller account, clicking the link above, will ask you to login.
h. Next, it will take you to the first step of setting up the proposal.
i. Congratulations! You are now fully integrated Capsule with Quote Roller.
j. If you have any questions about the setup of Capsule, please contact their support team at
k.For more information about Capsule CRM and storing emails sent, check out this Capsule CRM support guide.

Have Questions, please feel free to contact us?
For faster support, please login into your Quote Roller account and click on the blue Help/Questions button found on the upper right of your account.