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Highrise Integration with Quote Roller

Focus: The focus of this document is to provide you steps on how to integrate Highrise into your Quote Roller Account.

What does the integration do? This integration allows you to sync your contacts from Highrise into your Quote Roller account and be able to create deals in Highrise from Quote Roller.

Step 1: Login into Your Quote Roller Account.

Step 2: On the Upper right, click on Settings > Integrations, Find Highrise and click on Enable.

Settings - Integrations -Highrise

Step 3: Configuring your Quote Roller account to be integrated with Highrise

Highrise Settings
A. In order to connect, we will need the domain name and the authentication token from your Highrise Account.
B. To obtain your BaseCamp Classic Domain name
a. Login and logout of your Highrise account, at the top of the screen, you will see the URL address, copy that address and enter it into your Quote Roller Settings. It will look something like this :

C. To obtain your Highrise Authentication Token, click here.
a. Login in your Highrise account
b. Click on the “Account  & Settings” link, in the upper right of the screen and select “My Info”
c. Click on “API Token” tab.
d. Copy the Authentication Token and paste into the Quote Roller Settings.

E. Once you have added the domain name and the authentication token, click on “Save”.  
F. Quote Roller will process the request, if this is done correctly, you will receive the following message: “Your Highrise Settings have been saved successfully.”

Step 4: Highrise Settings – Syncing your contacts from Highrise to Quote Roller

Highrise Settings
A. Sync Contacts — Click the “Sync” Button. After this has been completed, you will receive an email message from Quote Roller that the contacts have been imported. For your convenience with also provide you with a .TXT file of the contacts that were imported into Quote Roller.
B. Enable creating deals from Proposals.  Make sure this is checked so this will give you the option to create deals in Highrise.
C. Create deals as Public when converting proposals to Highrise Clients.  This is a Highrise settings if you want to make these public in your Highrise account.

Congratulations, you have successfully integrated your Highrise Clients into Quote Roller!

Step 5:  Viewing your Highrise Clients in Quote Roller. Click on Clients.  Any client that has the “Highrise” icon, came from Highrise.

Client Highrise

Step 6: Re syncing and reviewing the last sync.  If you ever need to re sync or obtain date/time of the last sync. This can be done under Clients > Import Contacts.

Clients - Import Contacts - HighRise

Step 7: Creating a deal for Highrise, based up on the Quote Roller Proposal.
A. In your Quote Roller account, go through the process of creating a proposal. Either send the proposal to your client or “Save As Sent”.   Then click on “Create deal in Highrise” on the right. Follow the prompts and now will be in Highrise.

Highrise - Proposal Options

Have Questions, please feel free to contact us?
For faster support, please login into your Quote Roller account and click on the blue Help/Questions button found on the upper right of your account.

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