How to add a team member and how they login?

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to provide you information and steps in order to add additional team members, how new team members can login and permissions for team members.

Please note: When you add additional team members, this is considered another “User license”. So you will be billed additional per each user.

What is a team Member?  Team members are defined to work on proposals together. Team members are able to send and create new proposals, edit drafts, add clients and Catalog items.

What are team member permissions? In the Quote Roller system, you have the options two levels of permissions.  Permissions are only available in the Quote Roller “Enterprise” and “Team” subscriptions.  

A. Admin has full access to everything in the Quote Roller System
B. User – There are multiple options that you can set for this account type.
a. Can Manage templates — It allows the team member to manage all company templates and their themes. If this permission is unchecked then team member can view the templates, can use them in the proposals but can’t manage their structure, themes design, can’t create new ones.
b. Can View and edit other user’s proposals —Specifies if team member has access to the proposals of other team members. If this permission is unchecked then team member has access only to his/her own proposals.
c. Can manage catalog – It allows the team member to manage of the catalog options, an use them in the proposals, but can’t manage their setup, add new items from Step 2 of the proposal process, add price list or change settings.
d. Can manage content library –  It allows the team member the edit the “Library” that for the Content library. They will still be able to use content library items in proposals, but unable to add, edit or manage them.

Step 1: Adding new team members. Go to Settings > Team, Click on the orange button “Add a member”.

Settings - Team - Add

Step 2: Information will be provided at the top of the screen, regarding the additional fees of this user. Please enter in the Name, First Name and Last Name. If you are Quote Roller “Enterprise” you will also have the options for User permissions. Once fields have been filled out and permissions set, click the orange button “Save” to add the new team member and Quote roller will send them an email.

Settings - Team - Add - Fields

Step 3: At any time, you can edit the Name and email address and permissions.

 Settings - Team - Edit

Step 4: How the new team member can login. After the newly added team member is processed, they will receive an email that includes a link. They click on the link, and set their password. Then they can login at or login using “Google Apps”,  if your company is using “Google Apps”.

 Settings - Team - Add - Email

Step 5: Deleting team members… If you ever need to delete a team member, you can do this. This will NOT remove any of their proposals. They will still exist in the Quote Roller System.

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