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How to cancel your account?

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to show instructions on how to cancel your account.

If for some reason, you would like to cancel your account, you can do this from the following steps. We recommend that you contact us first to try to resolve or fix any question or concern that you might have. If you need help with this, please use the Help/Questions button and send us an email. Help-Questions

Please note:  Quote Roller also provides you an additional option of an “On Hold” status for your Quote Roller Account. This type of an account, you can keep of your documents, statistics and contacts. You can even edit and create proposals but you cannot send out any new proposals or download PDF version of proposals that are new. You also will no longer have access to the “Content Library” for your templates and proposals.

Step 1: Click on Settings, then click on Account and Payments, scroll down and find the section “Cancel Account”. Then click on “delete”.

Settings - Account&Payments - Cancel Account

Step 2:  On Hold option and confirmation of deleting the account. If you would like to use the “On Hold” Status, use the green button “Put on hold for $4.99 per month”. If you would like to delete your account, click on “Delete My Account”.

On Hold and delete


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