How to copy a proposal to be used again for another client?

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to provide you information and steps in order to copy an existing proposal and send to another client.

Please note: When you use the “Copy as New” feature, this will copy the entire proposal. The template, pricing table and content will all be the same. You are still welcome to modify the copied proposal after the copy function is used.

Step 1: Find your proposal. In our example, will be using a Sent proposal.  Click on Proposal > Sent and click on the name of the proposal. This will take you to the proposal Overview

Proposals - Sent - Proposal Name

Step 2: On the proposal overview, click on the button “Copy as New” on the right column. This will copy the existing proposal and take you back to Step 2 – Info. Then all you have to do is give it a name and change who you are sending it too.

Proposals - Sent - Name - Copy As New

Step 3: Quote Roller will provide a message stating that the proposal has been cloned and you are ready to send it to another client. If you are going to send this to a different company/client, remove the company name from the “Sent To” field and type in a few letters for the company.

Proposals - Sent - Name - Copy As New -New Version

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