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How to create a custom inner pages for PDF version of the proposal?

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to provide you information and steps in order to create your own custom inner page for the PDF version of your proposal.

Why create a custom cover page? Creating a custom inner page is an excellent way to professionalize your PDF version of your proposal.

Please note:  Quote Roller has two different “Page Sizes” that can be used. To locate or to switch the PDF Page size, go to Settings > Company Section, scroll down and you will have “Page Size” Options.

A4 – This uses a cover page image of 800(width) X 1130(height)

US Letter – This uses a cover page of 1020(width) X 1320(height)

In this example, we will be discussing a A4 Inner Page image.

Step 1: Create your image. Using your computer software, we recommend that you create blank image of 800(width) X 1130(height). This can easily be done with Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, etc…

Step 1-A: Add your logo, footer, address information or other items to that image. If you are adding a company logo, we recommend to add it top right or bottom right. Be sure to add the image as close as you can to the edge of the image. If you are adding address information to the bottom (example a footer), add it as close to the bottom of the image. See below for an example of a custom inner page.

Step 2: Uploading your inner page image.  Go to templates > Click on the name of your template and choose “Change Design”. Then over on the left, you will have “PDF Page Backgrounds”, Cover page and inner page.

Templates - Change Design

Templates - Change Design - PDF Page Backgrounds

Step 3: Click on the Upload button. Click on “Chose File” and select your image. Click “Upload” to upload the image. Then down on the left, and click on the orange button “Save and Apply”.  Test our your updated PDF, by clicking on “Download PDF version” inside of the editor.

Below is an example of custom inner page upload and screenshot taken from a PDF viewer.
Custom Inner Page
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