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How to create your first template?

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to provide you information and steps in order to create your first template.

Please note: We will go into minor detail about how to add a template, edit it for content and change the design of the template. However, we will include some additional links for further details about specific sections.

Step 1:  Create a new Template. Click on Templates, then click on the orange button “Create a Template”.

Templates - Create a Template

Step 2:  Enter in a “name” for the template. Next, use the “Add A Section” to add a section to the template.

Templates - Create a Template - Template Name and Add Section

Step 3: Since you have added a new section, give it name and click “Save” to the right of the name.

Templates - Create a Template - Section Name and Save

Step 4: Adding Content blocks. Under the Section name, in the area “Add A Content block” choose a the block that you wish to add. In this example, we will be adding a “Text” block. 

Templates - Create a Template - Add A Text block

Step 5: Give the block a name. You will also see an option to “Hide” the title of the block.

Templates - Create a Template - Add Block name and hide option

Step 6: Enter in some text into the editor and click on the orange Save button.  Please note: The Yellow Text is a token. Tokens are a way to auto-fill in information. Such as “Company Name”. Click here for more information regarding tokens.

Templates - Create a Template - Text block, editor and save

Step 7: Adding other content blocks (Video Blocks, Gallery blocks, HTML blocks, etc..) this simply can be done by clicking on the block name under “Add a Content Block”. Click here to learn more about these blocksClick here to learn more about the “Content Library” and how to use this feature.

Step 8: Adding a price block.  In order to show the pricing table in a proposal, you will need to add a price block. From Content blocks, click and hold on the “Pricing Table” block and drag into the middle of the section. Give it a name.

Text block added - Add a content block - Price

Step 9: Configuring the pricing table block. Click Save, you will be provided with options.

Templates - Create a Template - Price Block - table options

Step 10: Saving the content. Once you have added your section and content blocks and you are ready to save the changes. Don’t forget to use the “Save” button found on the upper right.

Templates - Create a Template - Save

Step 11: Changing the design. Next, you can change the design of the template.  From the Template overview, click on “Change Design”.

Templates - Change Design

Step 12: Customization options. Here, you will be able to change
A. “Web Theme”
B. “PDF” theme
C. “PDF Page Backgrounds”
D. “PDF Settings”
E. Text options, including: “Document Caption (title)”, “Document Meta (Created for/prepared by text)”, “Section header”, “Block header”, “Text” “Table Headers”.

If you would like more information regarding these design options, click here.

Templates - Change Design - Web theme -PDF Theme -PDF Page backgrouds and settings
Templates - Change Design - Font Settings

Please note: Always make sure to click on “Save and Apply” at the bottom of the left column.

Now that you have a customized template, you are ready to create a proposal using this template.

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