How to perform a backup of your data?

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to show instructions on how to perform a data backup of your Quote Roller proposals.

Step 1: Click on Settings, then click on Account and Payments, scroll down and find the section “Data Backup”.

Settings - Account&Payments - Backup

Step 2:  Choose your option

  1. Export Proposals list to CSV — When you use this option, the Quote Roller system will provide you with a .CSV of the following information:  Client Name, Client Company, Client Country, Client State, Client City, Client Zip, Client Address, Status of the proposal, Website URL for the web version of the proposal.

  2. Create a backup button — This option, the Quote Roller System will process this request and send you an email (Account owner email address) a link to download your proposals in a Zip Archive. Depending on the amount of proposals that you have, it may take up to 24-48 hours When you open the file, you will have multiple folders, including Sent and Accepted. Included in each file will be the PDF version of your proposal(s).

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