How to setup a custom domain name (example:

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to provide you information and steps in order setup a custom domain for your Quote Roller Account.

Please note:  Custom Domain branding is only available for the “Teams” and “Enterprise” Quote Roller Subscriptions.

What does this option do?  Want to keep your brand in front of your customers. This can be done by having a custom domain such as “” rather than “”. This will also update the URL link for the web versions of the proposals. Please note, this will not affect existing proposals and those links will still work. This change will only affect new proposals that you have created.

Step 1: Create a DNS Entry for your domain. This can be done by anyone who can access your account with the domain name hosting registrar. A CNAME entry is a mapping of a host name on a domain you own, to another host name of your preference (Example: Quote Roller).


Here is an example of seating up DNS Record in domain hosting Registrar.

Setting up DNS record in GoDaddy

Please log into your Go Daddy account, find your domain name under Domains and go to its settings. Find DNS Manager and click Launch link under it. This will bring you to a page that shows the configuration for your domain like shown below.

Settings - Company - Custom Domain Branding Setup - Godaddy

Step 2-A: Wait for the DNS record to get picked up. When connected, you will see the Quote Roller login screen,  when you try to access your custom domain. Please note: This might take up to 48 hours.

Step 2-B: Use MXToolbox Super Tool:, to verify the domain connection has been created. It should look something like this:

Settings - Company - Custom Domain Branding Setup - MX Tool

Step 3: Once you have confirmed the connection, login into your Quote Roller account. Go to Settings > Company and find the custom domain branding section. Enter in your custom domain and click on the green “Activate” button.

Settings - Company - Custom Domain Branding Setup

Step 4: Contact Quote Roller Support, using the blue “Help/Question” button Help-Questionsand email us with the following…. Example:  “Hello, I have setup my custom domain:  XXXcustomdomainXXX, please make sure it is connected”.