How to setup costing and profit margins for your Quote Roller Proposals?

Focus:  The focus of this self-help document is to provide you information and steps to enable “Costing and Profit Margin” for your pricing table for your proposals.

What is Costing & Profit Margins?: This option is only available for Quote Roller Enterprise and Team plans. This option will allow you to add a “cost” to your items . This feature will show an amount for total profit and profit margins as a percentage. Margin is calculated by the following (Price minus cost) divided by Price. Please note this is for your internal use only and your clients will NOT see this information.

Step 1: Enabling Costing & Profit Margins. In a proposal, step 2, you will see the option on the right. Check the box, next to “Enabled”.
Proposals - Step 2 - Costiing Margin

Step 2: Setting up your cost. Edit a Catalog item you have added and you will see the “Cost” field show up. Enter in a numerical value.
Proposals - Step 2 - Costing Margin - Setup Cost

Step 3: Viewing the profit and margin percentage. After you add in your cost in Step 2, you will now see the profit and margin (percentage) in the Subtotal of the item, in the Subtotal of the Catalog type and add the bottom of the pricing table next to “Grand Total”.
Proposals - Step 2 - Costing Margin - View

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