How to setup multi team access for team accounts?

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to provide you information and steps in order to setup and use the multi team access.

Please note:  This option is available for “Team” Quote Roller plan. If you have an existing Quote Roller account, signed up before (7/17/2014), please contact us to get this enabled. New accounts after this date, will have this in Team accounts.  The Master account will control how much you are being charged for these accounts. Quote Roller is based up on the number of users you have.

What is a multi team access?: This option is used in order to have admin control of multiple accounts under one company. Used for office locations, divisions, etc… Access to those accounts with full control, adding new team members, creating templates, send proposals, etc…

Step 1-A: Adding team accounts to your admin account. Go to Settings > Teams > Manage Teams and click on the orange button “Create a team”. Please note: This will create a new sub account, if you want to connect an existing account that is already in the Quote Roller system, contact us.
Settings - Teams - Manage Teams -Create A Team 1

Step 1-B: Enter in a name for the new sub-account. Enter a name (example: East Coast Division) and then click “Save
Settings - Teams - Manage Teams -Create A Team 2

Step 2: Accessing team accounts, once they have been added. At top right of your screen, you will see a dropdown option to switch to these accounts. When you do this, you will be an admin in that account as well.
Settings - Teams - Manage Teams -Switch Teams

Step 3: Adding team members to the new subaccounts. Go to Settings > Teams > Manage Teams > then click on the “Manage Team” button, here you can add new team members.
Settings - Teams - Manage Teams -Switch Teams - Manage
Settings - Teams - Manage Teams -Switch Teams - Manage - Add new Team Member

Step 4: Managing sub-accounts If you ever need to manage the accounts, this can be done from Settings > Teams > Manage Accounts.

Have Questions, please feel free to contact us?
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