How to setup taxes and use them?

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to provide you information and steps to setup taxes and use them for proposals.

What is a tax? A Tax is item that you can setup to be used with your price lists or proposals. You can add as many taxes as you like.

Step  1: Finding Taxes. Click on Catalog, then Taxes on the right.

Catalog - Taxes

Step 2: Adding a tax. Enter in the field “Tax Name, VAT or Sales Tax” and enter in the Tax Rate %, then click Add.

Catalog - Taxes - Add

Step 3: Selecting a Default Tax. Using the Radio button under the column “Default”.  

 Catalog - Taxes - Default

Please note: Selecting a default tax, will auto populate when you are using Total Tax and Line Item tax.

Now that you have taxes, setup, you can use them in your Catalog > Price List and in Step 2 when you are building a proposal.

Step 4: Using Taxes on Step 2 of building the proposal. Open or create a proposal and go to Step 3. Over on the right, under “Pricing table settings” you will have Tax Type.

 Catalog - Taxes - Using Taxes Step 2

Step 4-A: Using Total Tax — With total tax, this is a tax that is used for the entire pricing table. The selected tax that will be used, is depending on what you enabled for “Default” as shown above. Please note: You can change your auto-selected total tax, by clicking line item tax and then total tax again to edit the tax to be used.

 Catalog - Taxes - Using Taxes Step 2 -Total

Step 4-B: Using Line Item tax –With line item tax, the selected tax for each line item, will be your default tax, however, you an “edit” the line item and choose a different tax if you need to.

 Catalog - Taxes - Using Taxes Step 2 - Line

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