How to translate labels and emails for your language?

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to provide you information and steps in order to setup Labels and emails and translate them into your language.

Please note:  At this time, Quote Roller provides two languages that you can set for your Labels and emails, English, Russian , Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, French and Portuguese, but new languages are coming soon. Please note that this change will affect all proposals.

Step 1: Changing the language for your Labels & Emails. Go to Settings > Labels & emails and you will have the “ translations” dropdown box.

Settings - Labels and Emails.

Step 2: Changing the language or use your own custom Labels. Using the dropdown box, you can change the language.  Choose a different language and then click on Apply.

Settings - Labels and Emails - change language

Step 3: Create your own custom labels. If you want to create your own labels, make changes in the label fields, scroll down and click on the orange “Save Labels” button. Then click “OK” to confirm the change. You then notice in the drop down box  for “Currently used Labels” that your company name will show up, stating that his is the custom labels that you have added.

Settings - Labels and Emails - custom labels

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