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LiveFrame Integrations with External Applications

Focus: The focus of this document is to provide you steps on how to use LiveFrame Integration.

What does the integration do? This will allow you to add a embed frame into your external software.

Step 1: Login into Your Quote Roller Account.

Step 2: On the Upper right, click on Settings, Integrations, click on LiveFrame Settings and click on “Enable”.
Live Frame Settings - 1
A.      When LiveFrame is enabled, we generate a unique iFrame link which should be embedded to your application and accepts one parameter – client’s email. Quote Roller will pull information about the customer by email including proposals sent to this customer and will display it in iFrame. You will see all the information related to this customer right in Nimble.

Step 3: Live Frame Settings

Live Frame Settings - 2
A.      Copy this link to go to Nimble. Open Settings -> Integrations -> External Pages and add a new external page. Name it Quote Roller and put the copied link from Quote Roller. Example, shown in Nimble:

Live Frame Settings - 3

Live Frame Settings - 4

Step 4:  Additional setup steps
A. You need to change parameter [[EMAIL]] in the link to {email} as shown below.
B. From
C. To…
D. Save settings and go to any contact in Nimble. When you activate External Pages tab and choose Quote Roller from a dropdown, all the information will be pulled from Quote Roller (by customer email) and you will see all the proposals sent to this client.

Have Questions, please feel free to contact us?
For faster support, please login into your Quote Roller account and click on the blue Help/Questions button found on the upper right of your account.

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