What is a Service, how to add them and review them?

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to provide you information about the Catalog Services items, how to add them, and edit them.

What is a Service catalog item?  — A service is an item that you will charge for an amount of work to be done. Under Services, a “unit” option is included. Examples of “Unit” are Per service, Per day, Per, month, etc…

Step 1: Accessing Catalog, Services.  Click on Catalog at the top and then click on Services on the left.

Catalog - Services

Step 2: To Add them.  If you would like to add a service, click on the orange button “Add new”.

 Catalog - Services - Add New

The following fields are required. Name, Price and Unit. The “Cost” Field can also be setup to include “Costing and Pricing Margins“. We recommend that you add as much information possible about this item. Please note: There is a limit to the length of the description field. Please do not exceed more than 40 lines of text or blank lines. Click Save, when completed.

Catalog - Services - Add New - Fields

Step 3: Editing and reviewing them.  If you ever need to edit an item, click on the “edit” link next to the Service Name.

Catalog - Services - Edit

Now you are ready to use them in Price Lists or building the price table in Step 2 of the proposal process.

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