What is the Quantity editable option?

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to provide you information and steps in order to use the “Quantity editable” option.

When using the “Quantity editable” option, what does it do? Your client will have the option to edit the “Quantity” when they are viewing the Web version of the proposal. This is a very good option to use if you want your client to choose the quantity for an item. This can be done for all price items types: Services, Products and Subscriptions.

Please note:  Quantity editable option can be added during Step 2 of the proposal process or if you create a price list under Catalog > Price List. This option  can only be used for the “Default” pricing table layout.

In the below example, will be doing this through Step 2 of the pricing table.

Step 1: Create or edit and existing draft proposal. Go to Step 2. Edit a line item and you will see a “Checkbox” for quantity editable. Check that box. Now that item’s Quantity (QTY) field will be editable by your client.

Step 2 - Quantity editable

Step 2: Example of the optional line item in the Web version of the proposal. Before and after the Quantity (QTY ) is updated.

Quantity field updated

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