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Zapier Integration with Quote Roller

Focus: The focus of this document is to provide you steps on how to integrate Quote Roller with Zapier.

What does the integration do? This allows you to connect Quote Roller with Zapier and setup Zapier to connect other types of services with Quote Roller to setup “triggers and actions”. Below are examples for Quote Roller Triggers and Actions that are Supported:

Supported Triggers

  • New Category – Triggers on a new category
  • New Proposal Comment – Triggers when a new comment is added to a proposal.
  • New Product – Triggers on a new product
  • New Service – Triggers whenever a new service is added to your catalog
  • New Company – Triggers when a new company is added!
  • New Tax – Triggers when a new tax is added!
  • New Note – Triggers when a new note is added to a proposal
  • New Contact – Triggers whenever you add a new contact!
  • New User – Triggers when a new quoteroller user is added to the authorized account
  • New Template – Triggers when a new template is created!
  • New Proposal – Triggers when a new proposal is created!
  • New Subscription – Triggers when a new subscription is created

Supported Actions

  • Create Note – Creates a new note on a proposal
  • Create Company – Create a company that can be used for proposals
  • Create Contact – Creates a contact
  • Create Product – Create a product that can be used in proposals.
  • Create Proposal – Creates a new proposal!

Please note: Zapier has setup this integration with Quote Roller. If you need assistance with this integration, please click on this link or contact Zapier Support.

Step 1: Getting Started – In order to get started with using Quote Roller, you’ll need both a Quote Roller and Zapier Account.

In Zapier, You will need to select Quote Roller as the integration you want to use on the trigger or action side.

Zapier 1

Step 2: Connecting Quote Roller, when the time is right, you’ll be asked to connect a Quote Roller Account

Zapier 2

A. You will then be asked to give a name for this account (as you can use multiple accounts). Once you’ve done this click “Continue”.

Zapier 3

B. You will then be directed to Quote Roller’s site and asked to authorize Zapier to be able to access your data on your behalf.

Zapier 4

C. Once you’ve clicked “Authorize” you’ll be returned to Zapier and should have a successfully tested authentication added.

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