We love our clients and are glad to be part of their business, so we decided to get to know them even better! This week we would like to introduce a new feature on our blog: Client Tales.

Quote Roller’s completely changed the way we do business. We’re able to sell a really packaged proposal. A package that really looks good from start to finish that really sells Honey Agency, rather than desktop applications that lend themselves to a lot of mistakes.
Meghan Phillips Owner of The Honey Agency
client tales Alexa
Quote Roller allows us to spend less time getting a project approved and more time actually working on the project. We get to see statistics of what parts of the proposal clients are spending the most time. My favorite feature of Quote Roller is that clients can approve digitally. It has doubled our proposal approval rate and ensured we get a signed proposal before we start work. Read more →
Alexa Roman Digital Project Manager with Kluge Interactive
Quote Roller streamlined our proposal process substantially. What would have taken 1-2 hours, now takes 10 minutes. Beyond saving time, Quote Roller records and calculates all the important business metrics such as close rate, open/active proposals, proposals by user, etc. Our sales staff loves that it syncs with our CRM system so they don’t have to re-type everything. Read more →
Creative team of digital marketers from Web Talent Marketing
client tales Web Talent
client tales Alexa
[Before Quote Roller] We started to become really slow on our quoting process. My guys were the whole day at their stations instead of being with the customer in meetings. We became fast and responsive again. We went from sending an average of eight technical quotes a day to now sending 14. Read more →
Raúl Aranguiz Head of Product /CEO at Purplu
Quote Roller is a lifesaver if you send proposals or quotes as part of your business. The application allows your business to send a higher volume of proposals faster than ever before, and it keeps your company’s messaging consistent across multiple proposals and multiple users. Read more →
Scott Wolfe CEO at Zlien