In March 2011, we released the first beta version of Quote Roller, a SaaS platform for easy sales proposal creation. The application was developed by a small team of five people, including our founders Mikita Mikado and Serge Barysiuk. During the next two years, Quote Roller gained popularity with more than 25,000 customers who previously used manual methods to create sales proposals.

Like many tech innovations, the company needed to grow and adapt to the changing market, thus creating a new app – PandaDoc, a more complete solution for document management that works with all types of business documents.

Now, both apps work together to focus on streamlining your sales workflows.

While Quote Roller allows you to build detailed proposals that show off your business, PandaDoc empowers sales teams to close more deals and win more revenue with ready-to-use templates, CRM data, eSignatures, and real-time notifications and more.

Go to https://www.pandadoc.com/ now to sign up and explore how PandaDoc can complement your Quote Roller experience and your business.