So many of our clients bill by the hour. It’s important to have options for both you to track your hours and for how your clients are billed. If your business has such needs, then we think the Harvest and Quote Roller add-on partnership is just for you.

Quote Roller allows you to create, send, track and electronically sign sales proposals in minutes. Quote Roller’s flexible pricing table is perfect for any pay-per-hour, pay-per-unit or retainer sales. Our sleek pricing tables have two views, chock full of options. You can go straight-forward or allow for optional products/services and even optional totals. You decide what you want your clients to decide.

Once your client signs your sales proposal, Harvest makes for an incredibly dynamic project manager that allows you to track staff time and then invoice for that time. From your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can make sure your projects stay on budget and on time.

How do the two rockin’ apps interact? This integration allows you to sync your Harvest contacts into Quote Roller and vice versa and to create invoices in Harvest right from your Quote Roller business proposals. Both apps are easy like pie to use and are totally mobile.

Bonus, both seamlessly integrate with PandaDoc document processing, Google Drive, Xero, Basecamp, Quickbooks, Highrise, RightSignature, and Salesforce.

Corey Adams

Quote Roller has drastically changed the way I handle proposals. It is ridiculous how much time I save preparing proposals which that alone is worth the price of the app but it also has made the process of winning proposals that much easier too.

Corey Adams, Owner, Sixth Gear