Here at Quote Roller, we cannot talk enough about the importance of getting to know your customers and getting to know those customers’ needs. But it’s not just about getting to know them, but about forming a solution, moving each step of your relationship closer to a sale, and then, eventually, a recurring customer. We are excited about the Quote Roller and OnePageCRM integration because we believe it helps move our shared clients towards closing more deals faster.

OnePageCRM is a client relationship manager that focuses on the client as a continual lifecycle: lead, prospect, customer, decision making, repeat. It allows its CRM users to qualify and prioritize leads; doing so much more than simply organizing your contacts, it manages them in a way that is truly beneficial to your business.

When you reach the point in your client lifecycle that you are ready to negotiate, in comes Quote Roller. Use our template library or your own content library to jumpstart your proposal process, but then we encourage you to customize your proposal to address clients’ needs. Use photos, videos, client testimonials, and anything else you can to customize your proposal so that it offers your business credibility as the perfect solution. From within your OnePageCRM contacts, you can simply click the Quote Roller “Q” to begin to create a sales proposal, while your contacts sync across both solutions. Further adding to your business automation and simplification, both integrate with your Google Drive, and OnePageCRM is currently developing integrations with some of Quote Roller’s nearest and dearest accounting software partners: Xero, Freshbooks and Sage One. So what are you waiting for? Give this conjoined sales solution a go!