How to add an attachment (any file, for example PDF or Excel document) to a proposal?

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to provide you information and steps in order how to add an attachment to a proposal that is downloadable for your client, while they use the Web Version of the proposal.

Please note: You can any number and any type of the file to the proposal. This can be anything from an excel document, PDF, images files, zip files etc…

Step 1: Create or edit an existing proposal and go to Step 4 – Finalize. On the left, find the “Attach Files Section”

Proposals - Create - Step 4 - Attach files

Step 2: Adding files. Click on the green + symbol (Upload a new file), choose a file form your computer and click OK. Quote Roller will process the file and attach it to the proposal.

Proposals - Create - Step 4 - Attach files - Added

Step 3: Using the “Preview the Proposal” button, you can review where the file is located. Depending on which “Web Version view” you are using you will see “Files Attached”. In the below example, this is on the Classic Web Version.

Proposals - Create - Step 4 - Attach files - preview location

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