What is a Price List, how to add them and review them?

Focus: The focus of this Self Help article is to provide you information and steps on what is a Catalog Price list, how to add them, review them and used them your proposal.

What is a price list?  A price list is an item that you can create and use in your pricing table, during Step 2 of setting up the proposal.  A price list can also be created in Step 2 of building the proposal. Price lists can be a combination of Services/Products/Subscriptions. You can also configure Discounts, Taxes and Currency for each price list.

Why use a price list? This is a useful tool to create price lists instead of adding each Catalog item, discount, tax and currency to a proposal manually. Save time and efficiency by using price lists.

Step 1: Adding a price list using Catalog > Price Lists. Click on Catalog at the top, then Price Lists, then “Create a Price list”. Provide it a name, and then click on the orange button Save.

Catalog - Price List - Add

Step 2: Adding items and editing the price list.   Now, you have the option to create the price list. First, you will have the Title. Second, you can choose “Discount Type”, “Tax Type”, Currency and “Costing and Profit Margins“. Third, add your items to sections; “Services”, “Products” and Subscriptions.  Please note: If you are using Total Discount or Total Tax, you can figure this at the bottom of the table. Total tax is selected by your default tax, in Catalog > Taxes.  Click the orange “Save” button to save this price list.

Catalog - Price List - Add -Fields

Step 3: Editing a price List. If you ever need to edit your price lists, you can click on Catalog > Price Lists, find your price list and click “Edit” next to the name.

Catalog - Price List - Edit

Step 4: Adding a price list to a proposal.  When you are ready to create a proposal, go to Step 2, then use the drop down box under Price lists and select your list. Click OK, confirm message. Please note: If you have existing items in your price list THEN use the Price list add function, it will remove all existing items.

Catalog - Price List - Adding to Proposal-2

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